Aespa’s Winter who was threatened with stabbing

Aespa’s Winter who was threatened with stabbing

SM Entertainment responded to aespa’s death threats against Winter.

On August 8, SM Entertainment filed a formal complaint with the police after seeing a post threatening Winter’s life on an online social network, and requested an investigation.

The post read, “If you come out tomorrow, I will stab Aespa Winter to death.” SME said, “A post threatening Winter’s life was posted online yesterday.”

“Upon confirmation, we have officially reported the post to the police and asked for their cooperation in the investigation. We have also reinforced our security forces and coordinated with the security staff and airport police during the aespa departure today to ensure a safe departure.”

“The police have also recently received several reports. They visited the agency’s headquarters yesterday and today. The security and safety situation is being verified and we will continue to work to protect the safety of our artists,” the release said.

Stay safe girls!