Elon Musk, the humanoid robot, will soon be seen.

Elon Musk recently announced that his Tesla AI Day would be postponed to September 30 instead of August 19.

He announced at the AI ​​Day tech conference in August 2021 that he would launch a human-like Tesla Bot robot.

These robots are used to perform dangerous tasks for humans. It is said to be a substitute for boring and repetitive tasks.

At the time, it said it was working on prototyping the robots by 2022.

Version 1 is expected to launch in 2023.

Musk said on Twitter that he was planning to move AI Day to Twitter, saying he would see a prototype of the Tesla Bot robot Optimus or Optimus Subprime.

Musk has previously said that the robots in the movies are played by movie stars and that they are not real robots, but that they will become real robots.

According to the company, the robot will be made of lightweight material and will have arms and legs with two axes that can move like humans.

Tesla has proposed the robot as a non-car robot, which will be used in conjunction with the supercomputer Dojo sensory network used to guide and navigate the company’s Tesla cars.

“It makes sense to put it in a humane way,” Musk explained to CNET about the use of his system in robots.

The humanoid robot is 5 feet high; It will be less than 8 inches in size. It will contain useful information such as cameras.

The robot will weigh ‌125 pounds and can carry an object weighing 45 pounds, beating a 150-pound object.

It will be able to travel at a speed of 5 miles per hour.

Robot arm 12 motors for arms and legs; There are a total of 40 motor systems, including two on the chest and two on the neck.

It will also be equipped with a Tesla FSD (full self-driving) computer system used in Tesla cars.

Therefore, Elon Musk’s new robot has the potential to be fully automated and requires little human control.

Because of these systems, the new Optimus robot could seem to be more expensive.

Surprisingly, Musk claims that his humanoid robot will cost less than a car.

Even if the initial cost is high, the cost will fall further if the production process costs are covered.

After that, the usefulness of these robots will increase over the years, and production costs will decrease, Musk said.

The robot is estimated to cost around $ 10,000, but there may be a monthly fee.

However, it remains to be seen how powerful Elon Musk’s Optimus robot will be on AI Day on September 30.

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