About worm-shaped wheels and unique double-decker robotic vehicles

When oil or ore from other mines is extracted from other sources, a tailing fluid is released.

These effluents need to be stored in a tank and monitored.

The Helix Neptune, now a multi-role maneuver that can travel in both water and land, will be able to do just that.

Developed by Canadian robotics company Copperstone Technologies, the vehicle is battery-powered and has no wheels or chassis.

Instead of these types of wheels, four unique worm-shaped hubs are used to rotate in various directions.

The worm-shaped wheels rotate freely on dry ground. Can travel on mud and water.

However, this unique worm system is interesting because it is an unprecedented system.

Over the years, this design has been used in land-going yachts, skateboards, and spacecraft to land on Saturn’s moon.

The Neptune robotic vehicle can pass through small ponds and can be controlled automatically or remotely.

In addition, sensors are installed to detect the chemical and oxygen content of the water. It can also measure salinity and salinity.

Wastewater can be recycled from the mines if these sensors can be used to measure pollution to the bottom of the pond.

In addition, the robot can measure water depth.

This is also important as the mine effluent is covered in toxins.

It is equipped with a small, powerful crane that can collect waterborne samples from various surfaces and depths.

The robot is very useful because it is dangerous for humans to collect such water samples themselves in a toxic waste pond.

There are other issues with using a robot.

For example, it is equipped with ice drills and can be used to measure the thickness of ice in frozen pools.

The same can be said for surveillance and reconnaissance of hard-to-reach areas.

The Neptune robot was introduced a year ago and has been used in many countries since.

Instead of currently selling the robot, Copperstone also offers a service that uses the robot to help with business needs.

On June 2, 2022, Matacs received the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award and recognized the robot technology.

Mitacs is a non-profit, government-funded non-profit organization in Canada that promotes technological innovation.

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