Britain will have to turn on the lights due to lack of energy

Ministers say power outages could hit many households across the UK this winter due to the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

Officials in Whitehall say they are looking for ways to increase power supplies, such as renewing coal and nuclear power plants in the UK, as gas cuts from Russia to the EU could lead to gas shortages in the UK.

According to a UK government plan, up to 6 million households will be given quotas in the mornings and evenings, at the beginning of next year, at the highest levels of electricity consumption.

This could further push up energy prices and lower gross domestic product (GDP) in the coming years.

Secretary of Commerce Kwasi Kwarteng has called on the owners of Britain’s remaining three coal-fired power plants to continue operating.

The plants were previously scheduled to close in 2024 to reduce carbon emissions.

The Hinkley Point B nuclear power plant at Somerset, which is about 50 years old, is scheduled to be shut down this summer, but has been extended for another 18 months.

Britain buys only 4% of its gas from Russia, but the EU depends on 40%.

Since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, member states have paid Russia hundreds of millions of euros a day for energy.

Concerns have also been raised about Norway’s gas exports, to which Britain is a major dependent, so plans could be made to consider the worst.

As EU demand for energy increases, more than half of what is needed for supply could be cut off.

The UK also imports liquefied natural gas from tankers.

However, in the face of competitive acquisitions, that supply sector could also fall by half.

According to Whitehall, Britain and Belgium will not be able to get gas from interconnected gas lines because of the state of emergency.

Britain must therefore begin a state of emergency, shutting down gas-fired power plants and instructing large-scale gas-dependent industries to stop using gas-fired power.

The shutdown of gas plants has caused power outages between 7 am and 10 am daily. There will be power outages from 4pm to 9pm, but gas supplies to homes will not be cut off.

Officials have drawn up another strategy if Russia cuts off gas exports to the EU altogether.

Power outages are likely to start in December, even on holidays, and can take up to three months for normal operation.

Discussions are under way to reopen the East Coast natural gas depot, which closed in 2017 due to high maintenance costs, at a cost of more than ၁ 1 billion.

The government is worried that rising gas prices in Ukraine will continue until next year.

British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak last week announced a ၂၁ 21 billion bailout plan to curb the impact of price hikes, but has refused to do so until next year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked at a cabinet meeting last week, “How many of you really remember what happened in the 1970s?”

The prime minister was referring to the power outage at the time of the strike, which forced miners to strike and shut down power plants over a pay dispute.

In December 1973, Prime Minister Edward Heath authorized operations to operate only three days a week to conserve coal stocks.

Unlike other EU countries, Britain is preparing for power outages, but Russia could make Europe’s winter hardest.

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