Everything we know about Apple’s automated cars

Technology giant Apple is one of the first companies in the world worth $ 3 trillion.

Apple has been working on an electric car for some time.

Apple started making cars in 2014, and two years later decided to install an automated system.

At the end of 2021, the auto news item will be published under the heading “Apple Car, which is likely to be fully automatic”.

In the early stages of development, Apple planned to create its own without collaborating with outside car companies.

However, there are limitations. After many problems, I decided to join a car company.

The project was halted for a few years, and I think Apple will eventually enter the automotive industry.

The reason is that Apple representatives recently met with battery companies and car manufacturers that make parts for various electric cars.

Apple representatives also arrived in Asia in September last year to discuss co-production with Toyota officials.

In August, he met with SK Group and LG Electronics in South Korea to discuss battery technology.

In addition, Nissan, Magna Apple contacted Hyundai and other smaller companies last year.

As a result, there are even rumors that Apple cars could be mass-produced by 2025.

Executives from the famous Tesla company have been coming to Apple for the past few years, but have not heard much about the car.

The new car will be equipped with an operating system similar to the custom carOS used by Tesla.

The OS (Operating System) is the car’s navigation system. Entertainment; It will enable information display and sensors.

Digital Trends reports that a British car rental company called Vanarama has leaked detailed images of a possible Apple Car from a computer based on Apple’s actual patents.

It was titled “Apple Car Design by a Company Based on Apple Patents”.

Another designer, Devanga Borah, also designed a possible Apple Car.

It’s a 360-degree two-seater that looks weird.

Borah says his design makes driving comfortable and comfortable.

Apple is working hard to develop its own Apple Car, but it will take a few more years to complete it.

Experts estimate that Apple will sell 1.5 million vehicles by 2030.

Here is a brief summary of all the rumors, including rumors about the Apple car.

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