Fans protest against T.O.P, who will star in “Squid Game 2”

Fans protest against T.O.P, who will star in “Squid Game 2”.

With the confirmation that BIGBANG’s T.O.P will be starring in a project like “Squid Game” that the world is watching, Korean netizens seem unforgiving.

On June 29, Netflix announced a surprising second cast for Season 2 of the much-anticipated ‘Squid Game’.

The most surprising name in the list of actors is T.O.P, also known as Choi Seung Hyun.

T.O.P has been away from the Korean entertainment scene since 2017 after being sentenced to two years in prison for illegal marijuana use.

In 2019, the star claimed via his SNS that he had no intention of returning to the entertainment scene.

Then in April 2022, T.O.P appeared on BIGBANG’s digital single “Still Life” and parted ways with YG Entertainment in the same month.

After that, when T.O.P announced that he would not be returning to BIGBANG, many long-time fans criticized the idol for his “selfish behavior and actions” and angered T.O.P.

Right now, it seems that T.O.P is coming back with his first acting project in 9 years, and when they found out that he will be participating in Squid Game, not only netizens in Kimchiland but also BIGBANG fans showed their disapproval and protest.

So, for many Korean netizens, ‘Squid Game 2’ immediately became a “not to watch” series.