IU praised NewJeans maknae Hyein’s voice

IU praised NewJeans maknae Hyein’s voice

NewJeans appeared as a special guest on IU’s YouTube show ‘IU’s Palette’ and discussed their latest EP ‘Get Up’. ‘

During the launch of the group’s latest EP, the members of NewJeans chose their favorite songs from ‘Get Up’ and performed them live.

The maknae, Hyein, also chose “Get Up” as her favorite song and performed it live in the studio after introducing it as a soft R&B song.

During Hyein’s song, IU seemed to be very impressed with the maknae and her eyes were full of surprise.

Afterward, IU openly expressed her admiration for Hyein’s musical talent, and was impressed by the skilled performer.

IU praised Hyein’s voice, saying, “The way Hyein sings ‘Get Up’ is amazing, it’s even more amazing than when she recorded it at the studio. When she sings live, she controls the mic directly, so it sounds different. I like this song more than ‘Super Shy’.”