Jennie appeared on Dua Lipa’s podcast show

Jennie appeared on Dua Lipa’s podcast show

In the latest episode of world-famous singer Dua Lipa’s podcast show ‘Dua Lipa: At Your Service’, BLACKPINK member Jennie appeared as a special guest.

There, Jennie opened up about her journey to becoming one of the biggest female K-Pop stars alongside Dua Lipa.

Jennie gave fans an up-close-and-personal look at her life, especially opening up about her struggles as a child and her career as an idol.

One of the memories Jennie shared was her mother’s influence on her outlook on life, which made her who she is today. Jennie said, “My mother always wanted me to not only return home to my culture and my country, but to travel the world and be free wherever I went.”

Because of her mother’s principles, Jennie was able to study in New Zealand to expand her worldview.

Jennie shared about her early life, her life in New Zealand and how she shaped her dreams of becoming a K-Pop artist.

While Jennie is now one of the most recognized K-Pop idols, touring the world with concerts in the biggest cities, she has opened up about her down times while working on her career.

“Compared to other girls, I always hurt myself because my life is dominated by concerts. It’s a stress in my life. I try, I fall again. I trip again,” she explained.

Jennie’s views on life and her life experiences shaped her to become a fan favorite Jennie, so fans especially liked this part of Dua Lipa’s podcast.