Jennie showed a hint of a new song collab with The Weekend

Jennie showed a hint of a new song collab with The Weekend

BLACKPINK’s Jennie sparked fans’ excitement by showing a glimpse of a new song, a collaboration between her and The Weeknd.

On May 10th, Jennie attended the launch event for the Calvin Klein x Jennie limited collection, where she attempted to design her own clothes, and dominated international media headlines.

In addition, Jennie and The Weeknd’s new collaboration song has excited many of Jennie’s fans, and if this song is true, it will be the two world stars’ second project after the HBO drama “The Idol.”

Especially during a DJ session, twins Jennie and Simi-Haze had a lot of fun playing music. During the event, a strange music suddenly started playing, and when we heard Jennie’s unique and captivating voice along with The Weekend’s voice, everyone was stunned.

Meanwhile, Jennie is close friends with The Weeknd’s boyfriend Simi, so it is believed that this collaboration is likely to be confirmed.

After that, Jennie shared the song and video on her Instagram Story and tagged the official accounts of “The Idol” and “The Weeknd”. Because of this, fans are considering that Jennie and The Weeknd’s song is likely to be used for the OST of “The Idol”.