Jennie tried to perform the fans with energy injections

Jennie tried to perform the fans with energy injections

On July 14, BLACKPINK uploaded a video titled ‘BPM’ Roll #27 (BPM stands for BORN PINK Memories) on their official YouTube channel.

In this video, BLACKPINK members’ experiences during their world tour have been revealed.

The video shows the BORN PINK concert in Japan. On the day of the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, there were many moments when Jisoo was unable to perform due to COVID-19.

Also, Jennie can be seen in a scene where she says she is sick before the concert with an IV injection.

In addition, Jennie used the plushie that Ros had previously given her, saying, “I’m using it to protect my wounds.”

Before the Osaka concert, Jennie had to undergo an IV injection, raising concerns among fans. Previously, the female idol had to leave the stage during BLACKPINK’s concert in Melbourne, and her health did not seem to improve until she arrived in Japan.

After watching this video, many fans started leaving encouraging words in the comments of the video, saying that they always love BLACKPINK and wish Jennie and the other members good health.