Jimin muscles became stiff and compact in a short time

Jimin muscles became stiff and compact in a short time

BTS member Jimin has become popular online after netizens were stunned by his dramatic physical transformation.

Since his debut, Jimin has always boasted an unreal physique that matches his dancing skills.

Netizens also seem to be surprised after seeing Jimin’s physique change unexpectedly and dramatically recently.
On June 25, Suga performed two nights in Seoul as part of his D-Day tour. The second show featured BTS members Jimin, Fans couldn’t hide their excitement when they saw V and Jungkook.

In particular, fans have been paying attention to Jimin’s physique during the concert, and fans have also noticed that he is wearing the same shirt that the idol wore during a live broadcast in February.

During the broadcast, Jimin was seen looking puffy in this shirt, but in the photos from Suga’s concert, Jimin was wearing the same shirt, but people started to notice that the shirt looked tight because his chest and shoulders became narrower.

When the moment was shared on social media, ARMYs went wild, competing to express their excitement over Jimin’s recent muscle contractions.