Jungkook was constantly receiving life threats


Jungkook was constantly receiving life threats

ARMYs are calling on HYBE / BIGHIT MUSIC to protect BTS member Jungkook due to an internet user’s alarming posts.

In the past, Jungkook has often experienced incidents that would interfere with his privacy, and the increasing number of incidents are worrying the ARMYs, and a recent new threat has made them even more alarmed.

Recently, Jungkook had food sent to him without his consent, and on May 4th, he publicly asked the sender via Weverse not to send food to his home again, and warned of action if he didn’t honor his request.

Now, the Korean ARMY believes they have found the person who delivered the food. Instagram user @chu02859 has been posting horrible posts about Jungkook.

@ chu02859 posted a photo of a knife and the caption was a death threat to Jungkook that read, “I’m going to kill Jungkook, wait a minute.”

He wrote in his first post that he was the one who delivered food to Jungkook’s house. @chu02859 said that Jungkook is a bad boy because he refuses to eat, adding that he can easily kill him by using Idol.

User @ chu02859 also expressed that he is not worried about reports and complaints about ARMYs, and also claimed that he cannot be stopped because his account is a private account.