Kim Seon Ho is rumored to be dating a Burmese girl

Kim Seon Ho is rumored to be dating a Burmese girl

Fans’ favorite handsome actor Kim Seon Ho has been reported to have a girlfriend.

It is known that Kim Seon Ho’s girlfriend is not from the art community, and the girl is 14 years younger than the actor and is currently living in Korea.

According to some insiders, the two have been dating for almost a year and the girl attended the premiere of the recently released movie “The Childe”.

Dating the girl, Some of the Korean fans also heard people talking on the phone before the stage greeting of movie premieres. There are also reports of sightings.

In addition, a friend of the two shared screenshots on tiktok saying that the two of them often tag each other on Instagram and post as close friends.

Now, both sides have been contacted by the media to confirm this news, but both sides are said to be silent.

The girl’s details are not disclosed by the insider, but the news that he is dating a Burmese girl surprised Myanmar netizens and made them pay more attention to the actor’s news.