Kim Seon Ho returned to the audience with the role of the villain

Kim Seon Ho returned to the audience with the role of the villain

The movie “The Childe” starring fan favorite actor Kim Seon Ho has received positive reviews after its release.

“The Childe” is a story of a chase between Marco, a modern-day boxer in the Philippines, and three unknown pursuers. Marco needed money to find his father and pay his mother’s hospital bills, so he had to go to Korea.

After that, he encountered a group of people from the underworld, crazy, He began to be drawn into terrifying pursuits. With the influx of foreign films, “The Childe” has attracted moviegoers.

Like “The Round-up: No Way Out” starring Ma Dong Seok, this film is expected to be a domestic film that will garner impressive success.

The film received a lot of praise from the Korean media. In particular, Kim Seon Ho gained the main attraction with his first villain role on the big screen, and was able to portray the nature of the character that audiences have never seen before.

The handsome actor will be a Nobleman and will leave a mark in the hearts of the audience with his handsome appearance and bright eyes, Asia Economics said.

As a killer, Nobleman is a person who drinks coke instead of smoking or drinking alcohol.In the first half, Kim Seon Ho fully portrays his character, and in the second half, he will do action scenes with intense violence.