NewJeans Global facing the wrath of BLINK for insulting Lisa

NewJeans Global facing the wrath of BLINK for insulting Lisa

Recently, BLACKPINK member Lisa captivated her Instagram followers with photos of herself wearing a bright lime green bikini against the backdrop of the sea.

The pictures showed off her stunning figure, garnering praise from the media and many adoring comments from fans around the world.

However, NewJeans Global, one of the world’s largest Twitter fan accounts dedicated to the girl group with over 144,000 fans from Pop Crave, has made shocking responses under these photos of Lisa.

Lisa’s fans were quick to take notice of the comment when NewJeans Global was surprised to write, “She’s horrible,” along with embarrasing emojis.

Everyone at BLINK has been continuously asking NewJeans Global to issue an official apology for this embarrassing comment.

NewJeans Global chose to set their account to private and blocked users, further angering BLACKPINK and Lisa fans.

Because of this, the hashtag “APOLOGIZE TO LISA” has become trending worldwide, even beyond Twitter.

Not only that, messages from the management of NewJeans Global have surfaced in the past showing such disdainful feelings towards Lisa. Television news outlets in Thailand and other countries also expressed disdain for the move.

Many people strongly condemned any form of cyberbullying directed at NewJeans’ Lisa, especially some fans of Hybe’s popular girl group NewJeans, which made the incidents worse.