Park Bo Gum reached two million followers just one month after opening Instagram

Park BoGum is one of the most popular artists in the Korean entertainment world, and has captured the hearts of many people around the world due to his handsome looks and charming acting skills.

Park BoGum started his Instagram account in March 2023 in order to communicate more closely with his fans and changed it to public on March 30.

Since then, the handsome actor has been slowly and steadily posting exciting photos of his daily life, including his fashion collaborations and other projects.

On May 4th, Park BoGum managed to collect over 2 million Instagram followers. As of yesterday, May 8, he had 2.1 million followers.

So it’s no surprise that Park Bo Gum has reached this milestone in just over a month since his account went public, and he’s actually been able to do this.

While adding another platform through which people can connect with him, the actor’s handsomeness, style interest They prefer to be able to look deeper into their personalities and how they spend their time.

So it’s only a matter of time before Bo Gummy breaks more Instagram records as more and more people discover his account.