The female stars who were honored as Thailand’s most beautiful actresses

The female stars who were honored as Thailand’s most beautiful actresses

Many Thai celebrities have gained international popularity through their popular drama series and movies, and have caught the eyes of fans with their talent and good looks.

So, according to Top Celebrity World, we have listed the 10 most beautiful Thai female stars this year.

10. Namtarn Pichukkana

9. Kao Supassara

8. Taew Natapohn

7. Chompoo Araya

6. Mookda Narinrak

5. Baifern Pimchanok

Baifern Pimchanok has been praised by many international audiences for his songs “A Little Thing Called Love”, “Friend Zone”, She has starred in several successful projects such as “Lhong Fai” and “The Fallen Leaf” and is one of the most popular actresses currently.

4. Bella Ranee

33-year-old Bella Ranee is one of the best actresses in the Thai entertainment world. Since “Suparburoot Jutathep”, she has captured the fans’ love with “Plerng Boon”, “Love Destiny”, and “Krong Karm”.

3. Mai Davika

Mai Davika is a leading actress in Thai entertainment. Her most famous leschas are “Pee Mak”; Includes “My Ambulance” and “Wanthong”.

31-year-old Mai Davika is also one of the most followed Thai actresses on Instagram with 17.7 million followers.

2. Nene Pornnappan

Nene Pornnappan, a young Thai singer and actress who is popular in China, is 26 years old. Nene is a contestant on the Chinese survival show “Chuang 2020” and debuted in the girl group “BonBon Girls 303”.

1. Yaya Urassaya

In first place was 30-year-old leading actress Yaya Urassaya. In the recent drama “Duang Jai Akkanee”, she gained attention as she co-starred with her husband-to-be Nadech Kugimita.

Yaya, a high-value actress, has been honored as the queen of brand ambassadors in Thai entertainment for working with many domestic and foreign brands.