TWICE’s second solo debut member Jihyo

TWICE’s second solo debut member Jihyo

JYP released a solo teaser photo with the name “TW-JH-M1”. Could it be for Jihyo?

On June 5th, JYP Entertainment posted a teaser photo on their official SNS. The caption read ‘#YoureKillinMeGood August 2023’.

The photo gave off the feel of a thriller movie poster, showing a woman’s fingernails gripping the steering wheel of a car.

The word “Killin Me Good” caught the attention of the fans, so the teaser was considered to be a solo promotion.

Taking a hint from the acronym “TW-JH-M1”, TWICE fans believed that the teaser could be Jihyo, and if true, Jihyo would be the second TWICE member to make a solo debut after Nayeon.

Since TWICE’s main vocalist will be able to see her unique talents in solo music, fans have been excited about this teaser image.