Wonyoung suffered a serious arm injury while filming the MV

Wonyoung suffered a serious arm injury while filming the MV

IVE member Wonyoung’s professionalism has once again gained the attention of fans.

On July 12th, music video director Son Seung Hee, who directed the MV for IVE’s “I Am”, appeared on the MBC FM4U radio program ‘GOT7 Youngjae’s Best Friend Forever’.

On that day, the MV director surprised many listeners by filming the music video for “I Am”. Director Son said, “Wonyoung was injured during filming. His arm was severely damaged and he had to get 7 stitches. This is one of the biggest fears for an idol on set.”

She continued, “We still have 2 more weeks of filming, but I thought we’d have to cancel the shoot because of the injury. But Wonyoung showed up to the emergency room two days in a row with stitches, and they immediately said they’d continue filming.”

According to director Son, “She was very propped up and didn’t even show any signs that she was going through a difficult time. Also, the choreography for I Am at that time involved stretching movements using both arms. I was thrilled to see her doing these moves and I was amazed that she could pull off those dances with her injuries.”

Finally, director Son praised the IVE member’s professionalism, adding, “Some of the scenes in the MV would have gone unnoticed if not for the injured Wonyoung’s efforts.”